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Is Vetcove authorized to place orders with my company?
Is Vetcove authorized to place orders with my company?
Updated over a week ago

Although Vetcove has contracted relationships with many of the vendors supported on Vetcove, a vendor's support on Vetcove does not necessarily mean that the vendor supports, endorses, or partners with Vetcove.

Vetcove's relationship is, first and foremost, directly with the veterinary customer.  Vetcove acts as an authorized purchasing agent for each and every one of the 7,000+ veterinary hospitals and nonprofits on Vetcove.  When these customers sign up for Vetcove, they explicitly authorize Vetcove as their attorney in fact and agent to retrieve their pricing and past orders, and to place orders, on their behalf.  A relationship with a vendor is not required for this to occur.

Your own sales organization may or may not formally endorse Vetcove's use among your customers.  Vetcove's relationship as a service provider to veterinary customers is entirely separate from your own company's relationship with them, despite that our services may aid veterinary customers in placing orders with your company.

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