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As a distribution representative, am I at risk of losing customers?
As a distribution representative, am I at risk of losing customers?
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We absolutely understand this concern, but the short answer is no.  We've done extensive research on this topic.  Rarely does use of Vetcove result in a meaningful net shift in dollar spend across vendors.

Although Vetcove is a often mentioned in a pricing or savings context, the primary reasons our customers continue to use Vetcove every day is due to the immense time savings, improved experience purchasing from many vendors, and reduced frustration navigating hard-to-find or back-ordered items.  Vetcove customers were generally performing some sort of vendor comparison or analysis on their own before they started using Vetcove, so the time savings that result from Vetcove is their primary benefit.

Additionally, we have found that fixed-price items, which represent a large percentage of dollars spent by most clinics, remain unaffected.  We at Vetcove encourage our customers to place orders for fixed-price items with the distributors that are providing them the most value and the best service.

Your customers' personal relationships with you are very important to them.  As such, you're probably not surprised to hear that very frequently our customers knowingly buy items from vendors when a lower priced item is available elsewhere to support these relationships.  Vetcove believes distributor representatives add a lot of value to vet practices, and we promote and encourage these strong relationships.

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