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Does Vetcove favor any particular vendors?
Does Vetcove favor any particular vendors?
Updated over a week ago

Per our Code of Ethics, Vetcove is a completely unbiased source of information, and does not favor any particular distributor or purchasing channel on our platform or in communications with our customers. We also do not accept money from any distributor to promote them among peers that sell the same (or equivalent) product.  

Since such a substantial percentage of dollars spent are on "fixed-price" products, most channel decisions are based on long-term relationships and distribution partner value.  We firmly believe that distributor reps have a right to compete on fair and equal ground on the Vetcove platform by providing value-added service to customers to win their business and loyalty.

Vetcove will continue to support and promote all distributors equally, so long as a given vendor maintains a cordial relationship with Vetcove and supports us in our core mission of helping veterinarians.

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