Congratulations, your PIMS is now connected to Vetcove! πŸŽ‰ When heading to the PIMS Integration page, you should see the following screen:

The next step will be link your PIMS inventory products to Vetcove items, and analyzing your critical shortage list.

How to Link your PIMS Products to Vetcove Items:

1. First, head to your PIMS Integration page from your Vetcove header bar. (Orders > Inventory > PIMS Integrations)

2. Select "Products" at the top of the page and then filter by "Unlinked Items"

3. Locate the specific PIMS product you'd like to link and click on it. You will then be prompted to select the Vetcove item(s) you would like to link to your PIMS product. Please note that you can link multiple Vetcove items, as long as the medications are the same strength and form. You will also be able to see if you've previously purchased a given Vetcove item:

5. Once you've selected your Vetcove Items, please select the appropriate Unit of Measurement. (Note: this should be the unit the product is tracked by in your PIMS!) This dictates which "unit quantity" is sent back to your PIMS system.

In the example below, you will see that you have the option to select whether you would like the item, Convenia Injectable: 10ml, to be received in your PIMS as 1 vial or as 10mL. If you receive and track the item in your PIMS per vial, you would select vial – if you receive and track the item in your PIMS per mL, you would select mL:

As a note, the number shown in parentheses is just an example. As long as the correct unit has been selected, the number that will be sent to your PIMS will adjust based on the amount you order (including items that come in a multiple count). Only the type of unit you select matters here!

Please note that if you do not select a unit of measurement, the default unit for that item listing on Vetcove will be selected. If you do not see your preferred unit of measurement listed as an option, please reach out to the Vetcove support team via the live chat in the lower right corner and we would be happy to assist!

6. Once linked, you will be able to shop your linked Vetcove items directly from the Critical Shortage List by clicking on "Show Items"! Please note that you may also use the general Vetcove search page to place your orders as well.

For assistance on receiving your Vetcove POs and updating counts within your PIMS, please contact your PIMS support team.

Managing your "Critical Shortage List":

To make ordering even easier, you can now view your on hand, minimum, and maximum inventory counts for each PIMS product, within Vetcove.

  • If a product's bar appears green, thats an indication that your current on-hand inventory count is above your set minimum.

  • If a product's bar appears red, this is an indication that your current on-hand inventory count is below your set minimum. If product bar is red, the product will appear in your Critical Shortage list. This is an indication that your clinic is low on stock, and reorder is required.

Your minimum and maximum quantity values for each PIMS product are set within your PIMS and then pulled into Vetcove. For assistance on setting up your minimum and maximum quantities values, please contact your PIMS support team.

Still have questions on linking products and managing your PIMS integration?

Feel free to hit the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to speak directly with one of our team members!

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