Guide: New Vendor Enrollments

Learn how to create & submit applications for multiple vendors right from Vetcove!

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Vetcove now offers an easy New Vendor Enrollment page for select suppliers, which allows you to create & submit applications for multiple vendors at once, without ever having to leave the Vetcove site!

In order to start your new vendor applications, head to the "Shopping" tab in the top header bar > Vendor Connections > New Vendor Enrollments.

Step 1. Selecting Vendor Applications

When starting your vendor applications, the first step is to enter some basic information about your practice (found in the red box below). Once the information is entered, you can then select which vendors you would like to submit an application for!

To select a vendor, click the check box to the left of the vendor. After making your selections, click "Get Started" to start the applications!

Step 2: Complete Forms

Once you click "Get Started" you'll be redirected to the "Forms" tab found at the top of the page. Here you will fill out your clinic information - this information ultimately gets imported into the application PDFs.

There will be 7 forms to complete: Account Information, Practice Information, Address Information, Payment Information, License Information, Contact Information, and References Information.

To get started with the forms, you will want to select the specific form and fill out the required fields within. Make sure you click the blue "Update" button found in the bottom-right-hand corner of every form to save your entry!

As you complete each form, the status next to the form will change from "Incomplete" to "Complete". Once the forms all have a status of "Complete" the blue "Sign Forms" below the forms will become available.

If you are ready to sign and submit your applications, click "Sign Forms" to get continue!

Step 3: Sign Forms & Submit Application

Once you click "Sign Forms" you will be redirected to the "Application" tab at the top of the page. Here is where you will sign your filled-out and completed forms.

When first heading to this page, you will see all the current applications for the suppliers you selected in Step 1. To start signing the forms for each application, simply select the application you would like to start submitting.

After clicking into the application, the required PDF applications for the specific vendor will appear. (Boxed in red below) This is where the process gets a little unique, as every vendor will have specific forms you will have to complete. To start signing the forms, simply click on the specific form.

  1. Once in the HelloSign portal, click the blue "Get Started" button in the top right corner of the PDF.

  2. Use the blue "Next" button in the top right corner to go through the required fields on the form.

    • *Not all fields in the PDF forms are required. The "NEXT" button will take you from one required field to the next.

    • *In the top left corner of the PDF, you will see ow many required fields are remaining.

  3. Once all the required fields have been completed and signed, the blue button in the top right corner will switch from "Next" to "Continue". Click "Continue".

  4. You should then see the HelloSigns Terms of Service pop up. If agreeing to the terms of service, click the blue "I agree" button.

  5. Congratulations! You have now signed the required form!

Once the form has been submitted, you should see a "Completed" status next to the form. Once all the forms have been signed and completed, the blue "Submit Application" button will become available.

To submit your application, click "Submit Application". Congratulations!!! You have completed your vendor application!

Step 4: Start the Next Application

Awesome, you have now submitted your first application! Have more applications you would like to submit?

Head back to the Applications tab at the top of the page and click on the next Vendor Application and start signing!

Application Processing

Once submitted, your application will be processed and reviewed by the supplier within 1-2 business days. Once processed, a supplier representative should contact you regarding you application to confirm your account details. If you do not hear from the supplier within 1-2 business days, you may contact their support team to follow up!

For further assistance, or if you have questions, please feel free to reach out to the Vetcove team using our Live Chat (the blue icon in the bottom right corner of your Vetcove account) or email

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