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We explain the features of Vetcove's search that help you make informed purchase decisions

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*Before reading this article, you may want to check out our article about how to search for products on Vetcove.

The Vetcove Search Results Page

Every search on Vetcove is filled with powerful insights to help you make more informed purchasing decisions. The article below will explain each component of a Vetcove search results page. 

We will be using Enrofloxacin Flavor Tablets as an example. The below image identifies each element of a Vetcove product listing.

Product Information

  • Product Name - All product names will show the name of the product, the type of product (flavor tablets, capsules, injectable, etc.), the dosage or sizing, and the count size. The subtitle displays the product's manufacturer and manufacturer ID#.

  • Unit Pricing - The final item in the subtitle is a cost-per-unit measure. This helps you compare options across vendors, and across competing products or brands that serve the same purpose. 

  • Attributes - The Attributes section of the listing includes relevant information about the product, including: main ingredients, size, count, form, and pack type. 

  • Species - The Species icons indicate which species of animal the product is meant to treat or be used by. Hovering over the Species icons will bring up an information bubble with the name of the species.

  • Details - Below the product name, you'll see a Details button that will allow you to see additional information about the product. This includes an item description, more images, printable SDS if available, and printable brochures if available. This information is provided directly by the manufacturer of the product.

  • Similar - If the item has any alternatives, a Similar button will open a tab below displaying comparable items from other manufacturers. This tool can be especially helpful when comparing generic products to their name brand counterparts or if the item you need is out of stock or recalled. Clicking the Compare All Similar Items button will bring you to a search result that includes all similar products. 

  • Orders -  If you've previously purchased a given item from any vendor, you will see an Orders button appear next to Details. The number inside the blue bubble indicates the number of previous orders that have included this product. Clicking on the icon will show a graph with information about your past purchases - above the graph, you can toggle between two views. The first view is Purchase Quantity, which shows you the dates you purchased the item as well as the quantity of the item purchased per order. This view allows you to see your purchasing habits for this item over time. The second view is the Purchase Price (click on Purchase Price to change graph), which shows the dates you've purchased the product and the price you paid for the item each time. 

  • Lists - Our Lists features can help you stay organized and save time, especially if you find yourself ordering some of the same products regularly. Clicking this icon allows you to add or remove this item from any of your shopping lists. You can even create new lists on the fly using the buttons near the bottom! For more information about lists, take a look at our Lists Guide.

  • Notes: Our notes feature allows you to leave yourself important notes about certain products that only you can see. This is particularly useful when there is specific information about a product that is important to you, or in the event that someone needs to place an order that does not usually do so!

  • Reviews: Reviews are a key feature. We allow users to leave product reviews so that they may share their expertise with other users and vice versa. This is a great place to look for additional product information and learn more about product satisfaction.

  • Promotions - If there are any active promotions that include the item, clicking on the Promos button will show all active promotions in a tab under the product listing. You can click into these promotions to view all products included in the promotion.

  • Popularity - Each listing will display a popularity number in the bottom-right corner of the product section. This number indicates how many veterinary organizations have purchased this specific item in the previous 30 days.

Vendor and Purchase Options

  • Vendor Options - In the right-hand column, Vetcove displays all vendors that currently sell this particular item.  In this column, the name of the vendor appears on the left-hand side if they carry this item in their catalog.

  • Your Pricing - On the far right of this column, you'll see the price this vendor currently offers you for this product.  You'll only see pricing information if you have an active account with the vendor, and you've added them on Vetcove.  This price is real-time, and accounts for all special and group pricing, so it always matches your vendors' websites.

  • Stock Status - The center of the column includes a truck icon in one of three colors, which represents the stock status at the vendor. Hovering over the truck provides additional information, such as the number left in stock, and warehouse location information.

  • Additional Information Icons - To the right of the stock status icon, there may be a number of different icons that represent additional information the vendor is displaying about the product.  The below chart describes all of the available icons and what they indicate.

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