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How to Hide Unlinked Items Within Your PIMS Integration
How to Hide Unlinked Items Within Your PIMS Integration

Learn how to use the hide feature for PIMS items you do not wish to see in your lists!

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You may hide any unlinked items within you PIMS integration that you would not like to appear in your lists. To access this feature, head to the header bar and click Orders > Inventory > select PIMS Integration. From there, you may click on the Products tab, where you will find a compilation of all linked and unlinked items within your PIMS lists. Please note that you may only hide unlinked items.

To hide an unlinked Item, click on the Actions button, located to the right of each item, and select "Hide this Item." This will hide the item from view and move it to a Hidden Items folder, located on the lefthand side of the page. This will prevent the item from showing up in your Critical Shortage Lists, as well.

From within the Hidden Items folder, you may move a hidden item back into view with the rest of your items. Simply click on the Action button, and select "Show this item."

If you do wish to hide an item that has already been linked, you must first click into the specific item, and select unlink for any for any Vetcove products that have previously been linked.

After doing so, you may close out of the pop up screen and refresh your page, which will enable you to select an action for that item.

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