How to hide an item

Learn how to use the “hide” feature so that items you do not wish to order by mistake will populate to the bottom of your search pages.

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Vetcove now offers the ability to hide items on your results page. When you hide an item, that will help lower the listing toward the bottom of the results page.

This new feature will be especially useful if your practice has preferences for a particular brand or size of an item to help make sure you do not order a non-preferred item by mistake.

To utilize this feature, click on the Details icon at the bottom of the item listing. To bump an item to the bottom of the results page when searched, select hide this item:

Please note that the hide feature will not completely remove an item from your results page, but it will cause an item to populate at the bottom of your results/appear on later pages.

For further assistance, or if you have questions, please feel free to reach out to the Vetcove Team using our Live Chat or email

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