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This article will walk you through connecting your Amazon Business account to Vetcove!

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This article shares the steps necessary to connect with Amazon Business on Vetcove. Please note that the Amazon Business integration is currently only available to select locations. If you are affiliated with a corporate group utilizing the Amazon Business integration, you will be notified by corporate when it is time to activate this integration!

Step 1: Connect your Amazon Business Account

You will want to head to the Connect Suppliers page, find Amazon Business and click on the Amazon Business logo. You may then enter your Amazon Business account credentials. Once you do so, you should see a "Connected" message:

Step 2: Punchout

The way that we integrate with Amazon is through a Punchout. Once your Amazon Business account is connected, you will see Punchouts located under the Shopping tab in the Vetcove header bar โ€“ please note that you may need to refresh your page!

To shop Amazon Business through Vetcove, select Amazon under Punchouts.

This will redirect you to the Amazon website to shop and build your cart. (Note: Please ensure that your browser has the same Amazon account saved/logged in as the one you are connected with on Vetcove!)

Step 3: Checkout

Once you build a cart on Amazon and checkout, you will be redirected back to Vetcove to proceed through checkout and place your order from within Vetcove! Please be sure to complete the final placement on Vetcove to ensure your order is successfully submitted.

Note: Your Amazon cart will remain on Vetcove for 72 hours to complete the checkout, before it's cleared. However, you may always restart the punchout process if you need more time to complete the order.

Amazon Business will be processing, billing, and shipping your order, so if any concerns or questions arise for your Amazon orders, please reach out directly to the Amazon team!

Still have questions about Amazon Business on Vetcove?

Feel free to hit the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to chat with the Vetcove support team!

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