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Will I still get my buying group (GPO) pricing?
Will I still get my buying group (GPO) pricing?
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You absolutely will!  For all vendors that are supported by Vetcove, including all distributors, the prices you see on Vetcove will reflect your group's negotiated pricing. A very large number of clinics using Vetcove are a part of at least one buying group, and all major buying groups are supported. 

To better understand how this works, the prices on Vetcove will always match the vendor's own website when you visit their website directly. If your group's negotiated prices appears on the vendor's website when you're logged it, it will also appear on Vetcove! Note that for buying group deals that are available by phone only, such as some manufacturer-direct deals, you will still need to place those orders by phone. That said, we're working on supporting as many of those as possible for online purchase through Vetcove!

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