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Set up & Manage Payments on Vetcove

Learn how to set up your vendor account to accept credit card payments, invoices, or both

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Vetcove offers vendors two options in regards to collecting payment on orders. As a vendor, you're free to choose whether or not you would like to charge clinics via credit card, invoice them directly, or a combination of the two.

Credit Card Payments via Stripe

Vetcove uses an integration with the Stripe platform as the default payment option for all merchants. After connecting your Stripe account to the Vetcove vendor platform, you'll have the ability to charge clinics' credit cards immediately upon order placement. Once the order has been marked as shipped, the funds are passed from Vetcove's Stripe account into your Stripe account (less the Vetcove commission fee as well as the 2.9% + 30 cents fee from Stripe).


Using this option, when a clinic places an order it's up to the merchant to collect payment from the order. On the 15th of each month, Vetcove will charge the credit card you have on file for commission on all orders placed within the statement period (15th -15th month-to-month). This option allows you to avoid the extra CC processing fee, but shifts the responsibility of collecting payment unto the merchant.


For more details on how to add funds to your Stripe account to be able to issue refunds for returns and cancelations, please refer to this Stripe help center guide!

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