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This article includes step-by-step instructions on managing orders, uploading shipment information, shipping labels, and more.

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After you've set up your products and inventory, as well as connected your vendor account to accept payments, you are ready to start selling! Every customer order that is placed can be managed in the vendor portal, through the Orders home page.

Orders Home Page

When a customer places an order, you will be notified via email (to adjust the Primary Email address, navigate to the Business Info page and update the contact info at the bottom). All relevant order details, including customer shipping address, contact info and ordered items are automatically collected and summarized on the Orders home page. The Orders page contains a comprehensive listing of orders that have been placed for your products through Vetcove.

This page also allows you to easily filter and export batches of order information. Input or select a date range in the date range filter to specify the order dates you are interested in viewing.

Click into the date range menu to pull up more default filter options (like Last 7 Days or Last 30 Days), or enter a custom date range, and click Apply Changes.

Once you have applied the date changes, click the Export Orders button and a .csv file with the requested information will be emailed to you momentarily.

How-to: Upload Shipment Information

Click into any individual order to make any necessary modifications, see details about ordered items, as well as prepare the order for shipment. You can even easily print a packing slip directly from the Order Details page to include the package.

By default, every order that is placed is marked as "Pending", which indicates that the order has been accepted and the clinic was charged, but the items have not yet been fulfilled.

Once a package is ready for shipment, we recommend that you upload or purchase a shipping label using the buttons on the right hand side menu of the order details page.

To upload a shipping label, click the associated "Upload Shipping Label" button and input both the Tracking Number and package Carrier to generate Tracking on the order.

A Tracker is automatically added to the shipment below the order items, indicated with a truck icon. As we receive shipping updates from suppliers, this Tracker is updated automatically, making it easy to follow the status of shipments and expected delivery dates.

Mark an order as "Shipped" by toggling the "mark as shipped" button on the right hand side menu of the order details. This notifies the purchasing clinic that their order is on its way.

How-to: Purchase a Shipping Label

If you would like to purchase a shipping label for an order directly through your merchant portal, navigate to the corresponding order details and click the Purchase Shipping Label button on the right hand side menu. When you purchase a shipping label, the associated fees will show up in the Transactions section of your Profile in the form of a charge.

Vetcove uses a third party provider for shipping label purchases.

How-to: Cancel an Order

If there is a reason you cannot fulfill an order, cancel and refund the order by clicking the corresponding button on the right hand side menu or contact for further assistance.

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