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Troubleshooting: "I'm getting an error: Invalid Login"
Troubleshooting: "I'm getting an error: Invalid Login"

If you are getting an 'Invalid Login' or 'Invalid Username / Password' error when connecting a vendor account, here's what you can try...

Updated over a week ago

Check that you have the most up-to-date credentials by manually logging into the vendor's shopping portal directly without using autofill or autologin! If you are already logged in to the vendor's site, you will want to log out and try logging in again.

You will want to be sure that you are trying to log in to the vendor's shopping portal in particular! Some vendors have several websites, and you'll need a log in that works specifically for their online shopping site in order to connect on Vetcove.

You may reset your password on the vendor website or reach out to the vendor if you are unsure of your credentials. Once you are able to successfully log in to the vendor's online shopping website, you should be all set to connect on Vetcove! Please reach out via Live Chat if you are still having trouble!

Feel free to reach out to the vendor's support team if you need assistance logging in to their website:

  • Amatheon: (800) 399-8387

  • American Regent: (800) 645-1706

  • BI: (888) 637-4251 Opt. 1, then opt. 5

  • Covetrus: (855) 724-3461

  • First Vet: (800) 998-4661

  • Idexx: (888) 794-3399

  • Midwest: (800) 643-9378

  • Miller (East): (855) 645-7838

  • Miller (Texas): (800) 880-1920

  • MWI: (800) 824-3703

  • Patterson: (800) 225-7911

  • Penn Vet: (800) 233-0210

  • Pharmsource: (954) 487-1559

  • Staples: (877) 826-7755

  • Victor: (800) 888-8908

  • Wedgewood: (877) 357-6613

  • Zoetis: (888) 963-8471

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