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As a distributor, how do I advise my customers if Vetcove is safe and secure?
As a distributor, how do I advise my customers if Vetcove is safe and secure?
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A common objection among distributors is that Vetcove is somehow unsafe.  The truth is quite the opposite.

Vetcove is incredibly safe and secure.  We go to great lengths to secure our customers' data in ways no other animal health company can.  We recommend this FAQ that describes our data and security policies in more detail:

The Vetcove security team has an immense responsibility to protect the many tens of thousands of user credentials from vendors in our care.  Not only do we employ advanced technologies to thwart intrusion attempts, but we also ensure that no member of the Vetcove team—including those that have access to our administrative tools—ever have access to Vetcove credentials or vendor credentials.

Vetcove's Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer, who has two computer science degrees from MIT, was taught and mentored by the world's foremost web security expert.  Many of the technologies Vetcove implemented as early as 2016 are just now several years later becoming industry-standard in the online banking industry.  We take great pride in our security protocols, and as a result, all stakeholders that are a part of the Vetcove ecosystem should feel at ease engaging with every part of our platform.

For these reasons, you can advise your customers with confidence that Vetcove is safe and secure.

If you have questions about our security policies, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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