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Is the purpose of Vetcove price comparison?
Is the purpose of Vetcove price comparison?
Updated over a week ago

No, price comparison is not the primary purpose of Vetcove.  This is a common misconception, which we understand given that Vetcove is often compared to Kayak or Trivago in the travel world.

Vetcove was created to ease the many frustrations surrounding veterinary inventory and purchasing, including buying and receiving from many different vendor categories.

We suggest reading our many hundreds of testimonials on our customers page.  You'll notice that customers rave about how easy Vetcove is to use, how much time it saves them, how it aids in product research, and how it turns a frustrating activity into a delightful one.  

Savings through comparison likely do occur for a small percentage of items that are not price-locked, but most Vetcove users don't feel this is the primarily value they garner from using it.  

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