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A complete breakdown of the information available on Product Pages

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If the listing displayed as a search result doesn't provide enough information regarding a product, you have the ability to see the product page simply by clicking on the product name in the listing. 

Clicking on the product name within the search result will bring you to a page like the one shown below.

Product Page for Enrofloxacin Flavor Tablets: 68mg, 50 Count

The product page essentially acts as an extended listing with additional facts. A product page will always have the following:  

Product Name - The product name displayed using the standard Vetcove naming convention (Name: Dosage, Quantity). 

Product Description - The full description of the product. Search results tend to cut descriptions short, but on the product page, Vetcove will provide the description of the product in it's entirety. 

Favorite Tool - Located inside the "product description" tab, you can now mark items as a "favorite." Doing so will add a star icon to the item and allow you to filter by favorites later on. 

Hide Tool - Also located inside the "product description" tab, the "hide" button will shuffle that particular listing to the back of the line in search results. This is a great way to hide items you don't plan on purchasing so they don't clutter your search results.

Price Comparison - An alternate view of price comparison shown on the original search result. 

Product Photos - Most products will have at least 2-3 images associated with the listing, including some images that may have been provided by the product's manufacturer.

Notes - This is another place to view all of the notes you’ve left for this particular product in detail. 

Reviews - Take a peek at all of the different reviews of the product to learn more about user experience, tips and tricks, product satisfaction, and more. 

Similar Items - If the item has any alternatives, a Similar button will open a tab below displaying comparable items from other manufacturers. This tool can be especially helpful when comparing generic products to their name brand counterparts or if the item you need is out of stock or recalled. Clicking the Compare All Similar Items button will bring you to a search result that includes all similar products.

Documentation -
This is where Vetcove will attach any important documentation associated with the product including compendium information, item brochures, safety data sheets, etc.

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