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How is Vetcove able to stay free for veterinary clinics?
How is Vetcove able to stay free for veterinary clinics?
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We get this question a lot. Vetcove really is completely free to all U.S. veterinary organizations, with no hidden costs or obligations whatsoever. We take pride in the fact that we can offer Vetcove to thousands of independently-owned veterinary practices and non-profits at no cost. Vetcove was founded by a veterinary family to help practices navigate the abundance of animal health vendors and keep inventory costs under control. Our motive for creating it is first and foremost to be of service to our veterinary community, rather than for profit.  

So how does Vetcove fund its operations and keep it free? Vetcove does charge corporate-owned hospital groups (that opt into a separate platform) a monthly fee for a version of Vetcove that includes supplemental features to allow for central management and corporate guidance. We also enable some manufacturers to sell items and process payments directly on Vetcove, and charge them a fee for that service. Lastly, Vetcove offers some very unobtrusive promotions and advertising services on behalf of manufacturers. All of these organizations pay for Vetcove so that practices don't have to.

Vetcove's core service will be free forever to veterinary organizations, and your data will remain completely private forever too.  We hope you find Vetcove to be an asset to your practice.

More information is available on our "Why It's Free" page:

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