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Set up & Manage Sales Tax & Shipping

This article provides step-by-step instructions and guides on how to set up and manage sales tax & shipping!

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Now that your Merchant portal has been established, it's time to complete the rest of your business profile! The Vetcove portal allows you to set up rules and policies for things like sales tax, shipping, and invoicing.

How-to: Set up Sales Tax

As a direct merchant, you can choose which states to auto-collect sales tax nexus from buyers. By default, you do not auto-collect from buyers in any state.

Note: Vetcove does not provide specific sales tax guidance, and merchants are responsible for setting their own tax rates.

To set up your tax rates, navigate to the Seller Tax Rates page of your Vendor profile.

  1. Specify whether you want to enter a tax rate by US state, zip code range, or specific zip code

  2. Select the state or enter the zip code (or range)

  3. Enter the desired tax rate you would like to apply to that region (all tax rates must be numbers between 1.0% and 25.0%)

There are no limits to the number of tax rates you are able to set on this page.

Note: The more localized tax rate takes precedence. For example, if you set a state tax rate and also a zip code tax rate within that state, the zip code tax rate takes precedence.

To delete a previously added tax rate, simply press the corresponding "x" button in the Delete column for the rate you want to remove.

How-to: Set up and Manage Shipping Options

Vetcove lets each merchant choose the shipping options and costs they want to make available for their customers. Add or adjust shipping options by navigating to the Shipping portion of your Vendor profile, where you'll find a list of any currently available shipping options.

Add a new shipping option by completing the required fields (shipping speed, cost and, if applicable, a threshold for free shipping for your customers) and pressing the Add Shipping Option button.

To delete a currently listed shipping option, simply press the corresponding "x" button in the Delete column for the option you want to remove.

Note: By default, Vetcove includes a free ground shipping option. If you'd like to make adjustments or remove this default option, please reach out to your account manager or email us at for assistance.

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