If required by your hospital group, you can update the status of items for a given order on Vetcove by creating an item receipt. There are two ways to create an item receipt on Vetcove!

The first option is to click into a given order from the Vetcove Order History page and select "Create Item Receipt" in the upper right corner:

A window will then pop up asking if you'd like to upload a packing slip. Please note this is optional! If you do not have a packing slip to upload, you may simply click on "Create":

You should then see a list of items displayed with the quantity ordered. Please note that at this point all items will automatically be marked as received – in most cases your orders will be completely fulfilled in the first shipment – however if your order was not completely fulfilled, you will want to adjust the quantity received column for each item:

Keep in mind that you can come back and update your item receipts at any time! You may access an item receipt by clicking into the desired order from the Order History page, or by heading to your Item Receipt dashboard (from Orders > Item Receipts):

From the Item Receipt dashboard you may filter your item receipts by supplier, date or item receipt number! You may also create a new item receipt from the "New Item Receipt" button in the upper right corner of this page. Simply upload a packing slip or enter an order PO #:

Still have questions about item receipts? Please reach out to the Vetcove support team via the live chat in the lower right corner of the site!

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