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Section 1: Accessing your lists on Vetcove
Section 1: Accessing your lists on Vetcove

How to get to your shopping lists

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In the Vetcove navigation bar at the top of the page, you will click into the Shopping section to reveal a variety of menu options. The 'Shopping Lists' section will allow you to easily access your Vetcove created lists. Click in to "All Shopping Lists" to view all Lists you've currently saved on Vetcove. Each existing List will be displayed in the main pane on the page, and will also be listed on the left-hand column for easy access.

Vetcove has already provided you with 5 default Lists; "Previously Purchased", "Previously Purchased Compounds", "Free Products" ,"Tracked Items", and "Favorited Items." These five Lists are dynamic, meaning they are updated automatically by Vetcove as products match. The custom Lists you create, however, can only be updated by you. 

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