This is certainly the most advanced analytics view that we offer on the site, so it can be, understandably, sort of confusing. The Advanced feature (found under Analyze) allows you to slice and dice your hospitals’ purchase any way you’d like, down to the item level.

By default, the Advanced view shows an overview of all purchases by all hospitals. The real utility of this feature comes from the search feature at the top of the page that allows users to slice this information any way they want.

When you first click into the Advanced view feature, choose what information you'd like to display in the graph and table below by selecting the filters you'd like to apply from the topmost blue box. Note that within a specific filter the selections are "or" entries (e.g. if you select both Hospital X and Hospital Y under the "Locations" filter, the filter searches for analytics from either Hospital X or Hospital Y). When the filters are applied, though, the results are an "and" combination (e.g. the search will only display items that were purchased by the hospitals you selected and were purchased through the vendors you selected in that filter).

Once you've chosen your filters, click the Search button in the bottom right-hand corner of the box, and the graph and table below will update to reflect those filters. Clicking on any of the tabs associated with the graph or table will not affect your filtering. If you'd like to change the filter, simply change your parameters at the top and click Search again.

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