You can now easily print your cart right from the Vetcove Carts page. First navigate to the carts page. In case you are unfamiliar with the Carts page, you can find a link to our article about accessing your carts here

Once you are on the Carts page, you can print from any cart by clicking on the Print button at the top of the cart view. This will bring up your internet browser's print settings — click Print and you are good to go!


Printing the Combined Cart

When printing your combined cart, you may find that your print preview is missing the leftmost column that indicates which distributor you are purchasing your item from. This can be fixed by changing your print settings to include background images and graphics

  • On Google Chrome, this can easily be changed in the print preview screen (what you will see after you've clicked Print from the Carts page). On the left side of the window, click on + More Settings, then check the box next to "Background graphics". Your print preview will update automatically to include the vendor logo next to each product.
  • On Internet Explorer, you will have to make this change before clicking print on Vetcove. First, click on the gear icon in the top right corner. Hover over Print (the first option in the drop down list), then select "Print preview..." from the menu that appears. This will open up a window showing you what your print will look like. If you do not see the vendor logos on the right, click the Page Setup gear icon that appears in the toolbar at the top left of the window, and a menu window will appear. Check the box next to "Print Background Colors and Images" and click OK. The preview will refresh and the vendor logos should now appear. You can print right from this screen by clicking the Print icon. 

If you have any issues finding these settings in your internet browser, or you are using a browser we have not included, you can live chat us at any time by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen. 

Still have questions about printing your carts?

 Feel free to hit the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to speak directly with one of our team members!  

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