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FAQs: Vetcove Cash Back Deals
Who will my cash back check be made out to?
Who will my cash back check be made out to?

How to adjust the address and recipient of a cash back check

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If your practice has decided to redeem your Vetcove cash back rewards in the form of a check, there are a few additional steps you can take to customize who and where this check is issued to!

Your Vetcove cash back reward check can be issued to the name of your clinic, business, or an individual person, with any address combination you desire! All you need to do is create this selection by heading to your Account and Settings-Addresses page! To navigate to this section, click on the little person icon in the upper right hand corner of your homepage! This will provide a drop down menu where you can navigate to the "Account & Settings" page.

Once you've navigated to your Account and Settings tab, you'll find the "Addresses" section on the left hand side. Clicking into this section, you will be able to manage your shipping addresses in addition to being able to "Create New Address" in the bottom right corner.

Here, you will be able to enter a name and address combination that can be chosen when redeeming a cash back check. If you wish to make the check out to your practice, business, or an individual, simply enter this name in the "Clinic Name" field.

Once you have created a new name/address combination, you will navigate to the cash back rewards page. On the bottom of this page you will be able to redeem a cash back rewards check. You will be able to customize the dollar amount of this check, as well as select the name/address combination from a drop down menu. The selection you make is the name/address that will be displayed on the physical check.

Once requested, your cash back rewards check will be processed by our support team, and then created and shipped from a third party provider to arrive in 7-10 business days!

Note: these rewards are earned by the veterinary business associated with your Vetcove account, and when you redeem rewards, you warrant that you are an authorized person to redeem such rewards on behalf of your veterinary business. You can read more in the Vetcove Terms of Service here!

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