We're not sure why you would want to dissuade your customers from using Vetcove because it's a substantial (and free) benefit to them, without any drawbacks for you as a distribution representative.  Your customers love Vetcove, and we think you'd love it too once you learn a bit more about how it works.  It's also a great opportunity to build trust with your customers that are already using it.

Keep in mind that you're welcome to state your company's stance on Vetcove, but you should be truthful about what Vetcove is—and what it isn't—when doing so.

Remember that false and defamatory statements can land you in hot water with the law.  For this reason, we highly recommend becoming familiar with Vetcove's policies on data sharing (we don't), security (it's rock solid), and what changes financially and logistically when customers use it (nothing at all).

We believe Vetcove is an incredible complement to the value-added service distribution representatives provide.  Remember that we're in your corner, and if we can help you in your role with a customer that's using Vetcove, don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@vetcove.com.

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