In order to ensure that your hospitals are receiving all of the items that they’re paying for, we recommend that you work in conjunction with your hospitals to ensure that all items that you’ve been invoiced for were received by that hospital.

When a hospital receives an order, we suggest they use Vetcove as their inventory tool to make certain that everything is accounted for. Have them simply login to Vetcove, select Orders right next to the search bar, and click on Invoices in the white ribbon on the next screen. From here, the hospital can find the invoice for the order they just received, click on the invoice, and hit the plus button next to each item they’ve received (filling in quantities as necessary). 

You as an administrator are also able to do this by clicking on Purchases and selecting Invoices from the menu that drops down. Then, just select the desired invoice and mark off items as you’re aware they’ve come in.

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