Nope, one account is all you need! With Vetcove’s Peek feature, we’ve built in a way for you to, essentially, toggle between your two roles. When you first get your account login, when you first log on, you should be redirected to the corporate site ( This is where you can perform any tasks or look at any data you need to when you’re not actually purchasing.

When you’re interested in purchasing or using any of the features of the hospital-facing side of Vetcove, first go to the corporate home page, and from the list displayed, find the hospital whose account you’d like to see/use. Under that hospital’s name, choose the Peek option. This allows you to enter into the account of that user. From here, you have all of the capabilities of an administrator of that account. You can order, make account changes, and do anything you’d like without having to log out of your corporate account and into another.

When you’ve finished all that you needed to do within that account, look to the banner at the bottom of your page, and you should see a button to the right of the message alerting you of which clinic you’re acting on behalf of that says End Peek. This should return you to your usual corporate account.

If you don’t hit the button to end peek, the next time you go to the site you’ll be directed to the clinic’s page whose profile you were previously working through. If this is your preferred default (going to this clinic’s site whenever you type in, you can choose to just never hit End Peek and to manually type in as a URL whenever you’d like to go to the corporate site instead. In short, you will be in “peek” mode and have the normal experience of a non-corporately-authorized hospital until you hit End Peek, but you can still access the corporate site without hitting End Peek.

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